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We can take care of everything for you. All you have to do is fill out our ten second form and we’ll get started on your custom clothing design right away. 

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Let your dream be seen, with Those Guys Print.

No surprises, no delays: ever.

“We’ve felt like one of those-guys all our lives. Those-guys as in people with a passion and a dream that deserves to be seen. We became friends when we joined the same highschool football team. Early on we started out helping non-profits to promote their causes, as well as raising money for our football team. We would go to get promotional clothing made and to be honest, we just got frustrated dealing with missed deadlines, incorrect orders, over-charging and worst of all: not listening when we needed help.

We sat down and tried to understand why these problems existed in the custom clothing industry. We realized it was mostly due to logistic gaps and a lack of understanding when it comes to customer service and meeting people’s needs.

We chose to take the hands-on approach, taking care of every customer like the champions you truly are. We streamlined the production process to lower our overhead and achieve better quality at a lower price. It’s been 4 years and we have not stopped growing.

We’re Those Guys Print and we want to help your dream be seen. How can we help today?”

-Steve and Dave, founders of Those Guys Print



The process to set up t-shirt screen printing used to be complicated and expensive. That has changed for screen printing and for custom embroidered shirts. With computer technology, embroidery companies can provide you with a custom embroidered shirt or t-shirt embroidery with relatively little hassle in set up.

Our t-shirt printing company is located in Somers, NY.  We offer the ability for you to get your own personalized t-shirts. We will even provide an outlet for you to sell them. Our service provides a no-fuss website with white labeling and drop shipping. You don’t need to warehouse any items, and you determine how much profit you make. Some businesses find that our affiliate program provides an additional revenue stream that improves their bottom lines. Contact us today, and we will help you achieve your personal or business clothing goals for now and in the future.

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