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Affiliate Website Benefits

  • 100% free with no risks or binding contracts. We give you free hosting on all sites.
  • Easily customize your store's design, pages, and domain name.
  • Choose to sell custom apparel or use it as a content website.
  • Our interactive designer is one of the best apparel customizing applications online.
  • There is an easy-to-follow setup wizard to help you set up your affiliate website.
  • There are over 100 different website design templates to choose for your design.
  • You have the option of customizing the CSS and HTML templates of your website.
  • Create and configure an unlimited amount of pages and subpages for your website.
  • You choose your affiliate commission from sales made on your website.
  • Create pre-decorated products and choose to allow or disallow customization.
  • Review past orders and customer information.
  • Review detailed website statistics within your website and Google Analytics.
  • Link your products to social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Send marketing emails and newsletters to your customers.

How You Get Paid

  • When a customer buys from your custom store, we take away the printing prices that we charge on our website, but we give you 10% off our printing prices!
  • You keep that 10% difference in price, plus the markup that you choose to sell your shirts for in the first place.
  • We ship blind with your website name on all labels.
  • You get paid via paypal monthly or we can send a company check.

Product Design Tool

  • Over 100 text fonts to choose from
  • Thousands of clipart images & templates
  • Upload images directly from Facebook & Instagram