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Doesn't your Dream Deserve to be seen?

-Our Story- 

“Custom Apparel Design and Production by Those Guys Print!

We call ourselves Those Guys Print because our name isn't what matters most to us, it's your name.

Those Guys Print is located in Somers, in Westchester County, NY. We provide custom apparel for you, nation wide, in a way that is different from most custom apparel shops. Full service, attentive and detail oriented we don't confine you into a system that suits us. We adapt to you. Whatever you need, just tell us, and we'll find a way to get it to you.

We provide guidance and production to get the right custom shirts and apparel to grow your audience while strengthening your team. It's your dream that deserves to be seen, and Those Guys Print will do their part to make that happen.

How we got started: 

We've been friends since high school football. Early on we enjoyed helping promote non-profit causes and raising money for our team. We loved the way wearing a great looking custom shirt would spark up conversations with people. They were great ice breakers and allowed us to spread the word about our causes.

We loved it so much we would always volunteer to handle getting promotional items, custom clothing and personalized jerseys for our groups. To be honest, most coordinators hated the process and once we proved we could handle it, they gave us the task eagerly.

Have you ever had to deal with missed deadlines, incorrect orders, over-charging and worst of all: no one really listening when you need help?

So did we. After many nightmarish headaches, we wondered if we could just make the clothing ourselves. It took awhile but eventually we were able to provide our groups with custom hats and shirts. Once we had perfected the system, we started making custom jerseys. To our surprise: word got out. We started getting requests from small restaurants, family businesses and anyone looking for a true stress-free and personal experience.

In time we streamlined the production phases to lower our overhead, achieving better quality at a lower price. We took out the guesswork with better communication so orders were completed faster.

Perhaps most importantly, we integrated art and design to capture the right feeling in your project, making lifestyle clothing for promotional project that people wear around town with pride where everyone can see.

What started as two kids in the Hudson Valley trying to help with something frustrating, became a business serving New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and recently most of America.

We're those guys who are passionate about answering the question: doesn't your dream deserve to be seen?

Yes, and we can help. No surprises, no delays: ever.

Just message or call us about your project and we'll take care of the rest. It's that easy.”

-Steve and Dave, founders of Those Guys Print


Typically our process starts with an initial conversation, either on the phone or through email. Where we really shine most is in the hands-on customer service approach. We can help you decide what design, color and fabric options will get you noticed the most.

Tell us about your business, non-profit, sports team, club, crew or league and what you need in terms of garments, ie: custom shirts, hoodies, jerseys, team uniforms, company uniforms etc.

Let us know if you have artwork for your project or if you need us to help you design it now. We design most artwork for free with your purchase! We'll then explain different processes such as screen printing, or dye sublimation (dye sublimation looks nicer, screen printing is cheaper etc. ) and see which fits your goals better. 

Note: Are you raising revenue, building team spirit, spreading the word about a cause? We have different programs to help with most goals. We even have a platform that lets you sell your specially designed clothing to your customers and supporters, without needing to warehouse anything yourself. Feel free to ask us for more information on this if you think it would help you.

After that we will put together a few mock-ups for you to pick from along with different recommended packages that meet your needs and discuss what fits you best. Then it's time to order, and now that we've set you up, reordering takes only seconds.

Contact us now, in most cases we can get your order live the same day.

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